Petro-Diesel Instruments Company


Vision of Petro-diesel Instruments depicts commitment to more than supplying innovative, top-quality and high-performance products and services to the markets it serves.


The mission of the company surpassing the work we perform every day to connect with the customers we work and do business with, to benefit them and our employees and to conserve the environments where we do business.

  • Petro-Diesel Instruments
  • Mechanical Grease
  • Digital Oven
  • Digital Viscometer
  • Laboratory Colorimeter
  • Digital Bomb Colorimeter
  • Adiabatic Bomb Colorimeter
  • Junker Gas Colorimeter

Infrastructural Set-up

We have carved a niche in the industry on the base of our advanced manufacturing facilities and a well organized resource management system. The machinery that we use are highly sophisticated and based on the state-of-art technology. We have a pool of skilled professionals who closely supervise the various instruments we manufacture.

At Petro-Diesel Instruments Company, professionals like engineers, designers, quality analysts, research staff, supervisors, marketing executives, amongst others, hold a key position and they take active part in all the decision making processes. Our talented manpower is indeed our asset that has contributed immensely to taking our business to new heights.

Manufacturing Facilities

Petro-diesel Instruments has officially developed a sophisticated and environment-friendly manufacturing facility that reinforces the company's overall production capacity and lays down the pathway for bringing about improvement in technology pertaining to product development that can cater to particular markets. We can manufacture a wide range of Petro-Diesel Instruments that suffice the expectation of both Domestic and International Markets.

Unmatched Quality

Quality At each stage of manufacturing, we ensure that proper attention is paid to ensuring overall quality characteristics. Each of our products is of the highest standard in terms of quality and this is one of the prime reasons for which we have succeeded in carving a niche in the industry. We do not move onto the next stage until we are sure that everything has been done as per the quality parameters. It is only after when we are satisfied, we decide what needs to be done next. We decide on the further course of action keeping in mind all the aspects. Quality is one aspect  which we personally feel there should be no compromise on.

We ensure that clients get on-time delivery of products and also take a great care to use advanced packaging systems. We are totally committed to provide quality testing instruments to all our clients spread all across the globe.

A Team of Experts

The company endorses an inclusive and congenial work environment where our employees are motivated and admired, have opportunities to succeed professionally and can contribute significantly to the realization of company's common objectives, irrespective of differences. The company is committed to fusing diversity and inclusion into the key of its business. The proficiency to manage a diversified workforce empowers us to infuse innovation, to obtain higher productivity, and to ensure better service to our customers efficiently.

Client Satisfaction

The company is ready and equipped to develop and provide product line whenever and wherever clients need. Our products are supplied and exported worldwide by a number of effective mechanisms. Our compliance with the higher standard of ethical principles is not only the correct attitude to do business but also helps us in winning the trust and confidence of our customers and employees. Our business strategy is to prevent and redress non-compliance. All company's employees - irrespective of position or ranks - are responsible for improving and cementing the standards associated with client's satisfaction.

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